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3 min readFeb 13


Ordinal Cubes…Why?

Primarily, to be a part of blockchain history forever.

Secondarily, who knows…possibilities are endless. You’ll have to stick around and find out.

Now, for the real juicy information, the stuff you came here to find out.

Wtf are Ordinal Cubes and what are the mint details?

Well, Ordinal Cubes are an all new custom art collection based on the JustCubesNFT collection. We made Bitcoin specific art to honor the fact that these are now BTC assets forever.

What’s the utility?

Be a part of blockchain history forever. Anything further is TBD…

The Drop Info:

  • Supply: 100 (78 for holders, 2 for public, and 20 for the team)
  • Mint Price: Auction
  • Mint Date: TBA
  • Inscription List: Google Sheet

Please note that 9 of the 100 were inscribed later than all of the rest. Those 9 are at the bottom of the inscription list and unfortunately due to a minor error, they had to be uploaded later. They are in the 67,000 range. These will be held back for the team since we want the lowest inscription numbers to go to the community.

That’s not fair, how come the holders get 78?

Well, we are doing this as a way to use the attention BTC NFTs are getting right now to drive attention to our ETH counterpart JustCubesNFT and without our amazing community of holders BTCubes would not exist. Therefore, our holders will get to mint the majority.

That’s not fair, how come the public only gets 2?

Well, we are doing it this way because the size of the collection is very small and the barrier to entry for JustCubesNFT is not massive. If you want a better chance at getting a BTCube then purchase yourself a JustCubesNFT. Not only will it give you amazing utility on the ETH blockchain but it will give you much better chances at minting a BTCube which is what you want.

OpenSea Collection

That’s not fair, how come the team gets 20?

Well, we are doing it this way so that we can reward some of the team members for their efforts, and supply the vault with Cubes for future marketing.

Some of the 20 will be sent to team members as a thank you for their hard work and dedication to this community, team, and business.

Another reason we are keeping back 20 is for future marketing purposes. Public and private giveaways in the future will be held with some of these BTCubes as we have done in the past with JustCubesNFTs from our vault.

Now, since you’re probably irritated that the team is keeping so many here’s a link directly to our complaint officers' Twitter so you can file a formal complaint.

Please DM him and describe in detail the reason you’re mad, how you expect him to fix this issue for you, and what the team should have done in your eyes.

If you have trouble getting in touch with him for some reason you may also submit a complaint here. Official JustCubes Complaint Form

In all seriousness, join the discord and find out more about the drop as information is announced in real-time.

Enter to win 1 of the 2 public cubes available here via Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustCubesNFT/status/1623567378054250496?s=20&t=P__9_zeYZwka80qAKQphFw

The only other way to enter is via the giveaway running here.

Stayed tuned to hear more about future Ordinal Cubes collections…👀