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Just Cubes NFT
5 min readJul 29, 2022

In a world full of Derivatives and scams, JustCubes are not just cubes… 4444 JustCubes were minted and now provide, Art, Utility, Community, and Education.

This will be a complete overview of the JustCubeNFT from Who is behind it, What we are doing, Why we are doing it, and Where we are headed. Feel free to join our discord, but first take a read through this guide and find out all about the Project.

Who is behind JustCubes?

JustCubes started off as three friends Adam, Alec, and Cronic. With a dream to give back to the NFT community, they spent so much time in, the place where they all met. With huge thanks to the community, we have grown into a team of artists, developers, and innovators.

Core Team

Adam — Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Alec — Founder, Artist, and Project Director
Cronic — Founder and Development Director
Mleep — Head Mod, Research & Development Lead
Skinner — Project and Tool Advisor
Westy — Lead Developer
BruceX — Front End Developer
Adam Goat — Node Developer

The core team is supported by our legendary team of Mods, Cubemunity Mods, and Collabs team. We look forward to meeting you in the server. Drop us a message there if you have any questions.

What we are doing?

The HyperNode

Our fastest and most competitive node developed exclusively for holders of the JustCubesNFT. Holding one JustCubesNFT will provide you access to the HyperNode. It is simple to set up and gives you 3–5x faster transaction speeds than the public nodes on the ETH mainnet

The SuperNode

Developed for our partners, the SuperNode is a subscription service offered to projects. Providing excellent utility to their holders, while we take care of the hard work. Subscriptions vary depending on each project and can be tailored to the needs of the project.


Recreating Retro Games was one of the original points on the JustCubes roadmap. The top 30 scores will win a prize, the top prize is an NFT worth 3+ ETH


A game we all know and love was redesigned by our Dev Team to give you control of both paddles, fighting against yourself to build a high score.

Owning a Cube means you have access to our token gated pong game playable via this link https://justcubes.io/pong/

In House

Minting Bot — We just dropped sneak peaks to our holders!

Third Party

Bridgerr — Bridgerr is a powerful tracking and analysis tool for ERC721 NFTs. We run our own Ethereum and IPFS nodes which enable real-time data feeds for events on the Ethereum blockchain and metadata updates. Including NFT Powerhouse, Rarity, Smart Money, Smart Alerts, and Community-Led Enhancements. Check out their GitBook https://docs.bridgerr.com/

NFTgo.io — NFT data aggregator that enables users to analyze the NFT market by housing a wide range of analytic tools and features, including NFT market trend and analytics, NFT search engine ranking, rarity, whale tracking, drops, and many more to help users discover, purchase, and evaluate valuable NFT assets. Learn more here — https://nftgo.io/en/about-us

NFTY Dash — A dashboard made by NFT users for the wider NFT community that will allow you to manage, monitor, and maintain your NFT portfolio and Whitelist mints with a personalized dashboard. Features include Project Tracker, Whitelist Tracker, Floor Monitor, Profit & Loss Calculator, Useful Links, Social Insights and My Notes. We have a long term partnership with NFTY Dash, JustCubes will be getting an exclusive 40% discount provided through token gated access to their tool. Check it out — https://nftydash.io/

Moby Alerts -A paid tool to track wallets and get notified when they Buy, Sell, or Mint and NFT. Useful to watch whale activity.

Alpha Calls — Curated and hand picked alpha from our team. Strategic partners drop alpha calls in our server as well.

Nansen Charts — Nansen has a suite of different tools but the holders get to access the NFT God Mode tool for requests. Being given lots of information regarding the NFT project they are interested in.

Token Drop

Not our token, but a token TBA.


Educating our community to be the best group of DEGENs. With videos, tutorials, and info already available to holders we aim to build out this utility into a NFT gated online learning platform. These videos will cover basic to more advanced knowledge crucial to becoming a profitable NFT trader.

IRL Meet-ups

We aim to bring IRL events to our holders across the globe, from dinners, social events, conferences, and Co-Hosted events with other projects. This will bring together like-minded friends and help establish a network in this industry, putting faces to the names of people you’ve connected with online.

Mental Health

Mental Health has not featured largely on any of our roadmaps or releases. However, it is something close to the founders hearts. Conversations with organizations and people are taking place to build out a safe space within the NFT community.


A simple part of what we want to offer our community is merch. From apparel to novelty items, we want to offer our holders the chance to represent our brand. Building a sense of togetherness in our community and recognition when you attend our events.

Why did we make JustCubes?

It all started when Adam, Cronic and Alec wanted to start their own project. With the goal of giving back to the NFT community in which they all met. It started off with the development of competitive games and weekly giveaways. Along with some, simple yet appealing art. This concept of “giving back” to the community meant the roadmap and project developed further.

The major utility soon became the Hyper and Super Node. Something we brought new into the space and has steadily grown into a must-have tool in an NFT traders toolkit. As the project continues to develop the first thing on the founders minds is, what more can we give our holders? That's why we are developing our minting bot, powered by our HyperNode.

Where are we headed?

JustCubes is committed to developing and continuing to provide utility to our holders. As it has always been we keep most of our progress under wraps until it's ready for release.

You can expect us to be making continued upgrades and functionality to our node. This includes our Node Network, Wallet Allocation and more that we have yet to reveal. We neither confirm nor deny the expansion of our tools and bot functionality. At the moment we plan on releasing our Minting bot very soon, with Legendary Cube holder already having BETA testing access.

We wish we could tell you more. What we will say is we have a lot of partnerships and future development in the pipeline.

Hold onto your cubes you won’t want to miss what we have coming…

Originally published at https://medium.com on July 29, 2022.