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Just Cubes NFT
2 min readApr 7, 2022


What do you actually get by holding a cube?

Just Cubes Hyper Node

This allows you to transact much faster than anyone around you while minting NFTs, sniping coin launches, submitting transactions to purchase off of OpenSea, or any type of transaction you want to submit on the ETH blockchain.

Competitive Gaming Giveaways

30 prizes. The first giveaway top prize is a Genesis Kaiju King! Valued at 7 ETH

Moby Alerts

A paid tool to track wallets and get notified when they Buy, Sell, or Mint and NFT. Useful to watch whale activity.

Alpha Calls

Curated and hand picked alpha from our team. Strategic partners drop alpha calls in our server as well.

Nansen Charts

Nansen has a suite of different tools but the holders get to access the NFT God Mode tool for requests. Being given lots of information regarding the NFT project they are interested in.

Read the rest of Phase 2 here https://justcubes.io/

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P.S. We will be giving 60 million tokens to our holders of the cubes. We have not released what token it will be but it will be distributed at some point post mint.