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JustCubes NFT
5 min readFeb 27, 2022


Art First:

Before we deep dive into exactly what JustCubes is doing, let’s go over the art, something basic, or is it? JustCubes goal was to come into a space filled with derivative projects and be different, so we went with Just Cubes.

Are they really Just Cubes though? ;)

Featuring 4444 animated cubes ready to make waves in the NFT space. Yes, you read that right. The entire collection is animated. The JustCubes team knew this was the first and most basic requirement needed in order to destroy the trend that other projects have created. Basic, derivative projects with not much differentiation between them.

So many projects do animated pieces to use for marketing only and then when they reveal the majority of the collection is not animated. We wanted to change that. Every JustCubesNFT will have some sort of animation no matter what.

In life and business the people and businesses that are rewarded the most are the innovators. We strive to become innovators in this space and are proving that day by day. — Adam Andrews, Co-Founder and CMO.


As a project whose aim in the game is to change it all, it obviously needs innovation. Most projects are looking at innovation in their post and on-mint utility. While this is something that JustCubes is achieving, we have taken it to the next level with the pre-mint utility and value.

For simply being a part of the JustCubes cubemmunity, we are delivering with a multitude of tools and utilities such as:

  • Alpha calls on projects that our established callers deem bullish
  • Degen calls that the callers think could be a risky, quick cash making moves
  • Caution alerts when other NFT Discord servers get compromised
  • Moby alert notifications when whales and smart money people buy, sell, or mint projects
  • Genie and Gem sweep notifications
  • Rarity bot that takes a collection item and returns back its rarity within the collection
  • Nansen.AI charts on request
  • Early access to the JustCubes game which will be covered later in this article

But we believe the biggest pre-mint utility that JustCubes offers is our JustCubes Private Node. This utility is something that to our knowledge no project has ever provided even on post-mint.

JustCubes is providing this private node, pre-mint, for all whitelisted members, OG members and certain strategic partnered project holders.

Here’s a list of Collabland verified holders who currently have access to their own private nodes.

  • Project Godjira
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (Mutants Included)
  • Yakuza Inc
  • Dreamland Genesis
  • Ascended Oasis
  • Dysto Apez
  • Several more loading…

What is a private node?

A private node is simply a private highway into the ethereum network rather than using a congested, public highway. This means that your transactions have a one way ticket to a miner ASAP giving you faster transaction speed and efficiency.

But why do all this just for pre-mint?

Besides completely innovating pre-mint utility, we have something to prove. JustCubes is not JustCubes. We are here to make all the paper hands regret ever selling and we are here for the long term. Providing continuous value to the people that support us.

Our core belief is that projects should prove their worth before people mint, not promised roadmaps many months after a mint. We are here to change the game on what “utility” is in this space and when it should be provided.

Let’s move onto the JustCubes competitive game and on-mint utility. Yes, we aren’t even touching on post mint utility yet. That’s how much the team is dedicated to the community.


We are calling our launch utility, on-mint as that’s what it is. All of what’s coming up will be available within the first week of launch, not 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, but just 1 week, and that’s what we believe separates us from the rest. Also, our game will be ready to play in our server pre-mint to be played for WL and workout any bugs.

JustCubes plans to be an ongoing competitive gaming giveaway project that rewards skill and dedication rather than luck. Holders of the JustCubes NFT will battle against each other in games that we have created ourselves wherein the top 30 players with a high score win prizes. These prizes range from NFT’s worth 3 ETH to WL spots for partnered projects.

JustCubes will be redeveloping legendary games from history, each with its own twist, starting with Pong. Pong is the first game that has been created and will be used to run these competitive holder giveaways.

The competitive games to follow Pong have not yet been formally announced but we can guess you’re already letting your imagination run wild with the historical games we could have planned.


JustCubes is a project that aims to shift the way the market perceives utility. Our core belief is to provide value pre-mint to prove to the community that we care, we are here to stay, and we have a substantial investment into this community aside from a marketing budget.

Through our own exclusively developed games, countless money making and saving alerts, exclusive bots, and services, we believe we have made an impact pre-mint…now let’s see what happens post mint.

Are they really Just Cubes? Guess you’ll find out soon…

Read more about our fully doxxed team and roadmap here.

Follow the Founders

Adam: Twitter

Alec: Twitter

Jacob: Twitter

If you read this far and are interested in joining the Cube Squad here is our only Official OpenSea page. https://opensea.io/collection/justcubesnft

P.S. If there are grammar errors it’s because it’s 2:30 am and I’m tired. Love you Cube Squad. ❤️



JustCubes NFT

4,444 Cubes. Enjoy the artwork. Enjoy the utility. Enjoy the alpha. Most of all, enjoy each other. #CubeSquad