What The Heck is A Node?

Just Cubes NFT
2 min readMar 28, 2022

TLDR: Well, in short, degen terms it’s a way to get faster more reliable transactions.

Now is it that simple? Not really. Do you need to know specifics? Not really.

Just know that when we say our Hyper Node is fast we mean it’s fast as f*ck boi.

Yes, seriously. Comparing speed tests to multiple free and paid node services our node has seen a 1.5–2x increase in speed. That means transactions you submit reach the block 1.5–2x faster than someone on a paid private node.

That’s not even calculating how much faster it is than the ETH mainnet. I would guess it’s 3–5x faster than the public nodes on the ETH mainnet.

Now, what the hell is a node and why should you care about it?

Well, when the ETH mainnet nodes get overwhelmed with the traffic they slow down drastically. This means that you’re stuck with everyone else trying to submit the same TX. Whether you have more gas or not it won’t matter if you get beat to the mempool by someone on a private node.

Think of a highway/expressway during rush hour. Lots of traffic and everyone is going slow. You can’t go any faster than the people in front of you. Think of this scenario as a public node.

Okay, now that you have an idea of what a public node is like during “rush hour” (think hyped public mint) you’ll easily understand why our private Hyper Node is so epic.

Think of our private node as being in a helicopter flying above all the traffic on the (public node) highway. We’re literally that much faster.

Now, if you still don’t understand how this helps you I’ll explain in a minting scenario.

Public mint for a hype project goes live.

Your friend submits a TX on the ETH mainnet public node that has the exact same gas settings as you do.

You submit the same transaction at precisely the exact same time.

Boom, both of your TXs have been submitted. Now, what happens?

Your friend's TX sits in traffic on the public node while yours is streamlined to the mempool much faster.

Let’s say for example the distance to the mempool is 1 mile away. By the time your TX reaches the mempool, your friend's TX will be 3/4 of a mile behind you still on its way to the mempool.

Giving you a massive headstart to be picked up by miners and have your TX completed before your friend's TX ever reaches the mempool to even be considered by the miners.

If you still have questions on how this works and why it’s so beneficial feel free to join our discord and ask away. :) We’re more than open to answering questions regarding this and educating the community.

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/justcubes

If you’re convinced already and don’t need to know anymore then here is our Official OpenSea page. https://opensea.io/collection/justcubesnft